"Great stand!  You have me dialed."

ironman Champion

-Linsey Corbin



"I'm a cave competitor!"

Ironman Champion

-Tj Tollakson





"For all of you who also suffer (in silence or otherwise) on your indoor trainers, Cave Competitor has an answer."




cave competitor

Just as the cave man evolved, so should your training.  Cave Competitor was created with the lifestyle of an endurance athlete in mind.  Everyday concerns such as weather, safety, limited daylight hours, and time efficiency are all why a significant number of amateur and professional athletes utilize indoor training to maximize their true potential.  Our products designed and manufactured in Iowa, specialize in assisting and improving the indoor cycling experience.  From a quick hour base ride to a 5+ hour endurance ride, we've got you covered.  Even before your ride begins, wrench on your rig pre-ride with the ease of our Service Post.  Be fully assisted during your session with the Cave Caddy, providing at your side surface space and hours of cold storage for your hydration and nutrition.  Some athletes are guided by training software and others escape in cinema.  Pick your device, the Media Tower can do it all.  Click below to join the evolution of indoor training.



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Cave package deals = Synergy

The functionality of our product offerings are maximized by utilizing them in tandem.  Check out our package deals to bundle and save for your cave. 




keep cool for hours

Colder fluids/nutrition = increased performance.  Integrated into your Cave Caddy is a *cold pan that you simply put in your freezer overnight, drop it back in your Caddy providing for up to 8 hours of constant 40 degree cooling power for your hydration and nutrition.  No ice mess.

*cold pan component is a trade mark owned by Carlisle FoodService Products.