Cave Competitor was founded by passionate age group triathlete, Parker Day, to address the absence of adequate indoor cycling training assistance.  Everyday concerns such as weather, safety, daylight hours, and time efficiency are all why a significant number of amateur and professional athletes utilize indoor training to maximize their true potential.  Cave Competitor focuses on designing product solutions to improve the indoor training experience and overall performance of the athlete.  All products are designed and manufactured in central Iowa focusing on quality and supporting local economies. 


My Story:

With a full time job and family, training with consistency became a balancing act with no choice but to adapt to make it all work.  I found myself on the trainer 4 days a week before dawn with makeshift side table (cardboard box) to hold my nutrition and while sipping on warm fluids.  Drowning in boredom with the same old music playlist that lost its motivating energy 3 months prior, it was time for drastic changes.  I began designing the ideal side table that could hold all my "stuff" along with keeping my hydration and nutrition cold...  For the entire ride!  Witnessing so many less than impressive trainer setups used by both amateur and even professional athletes, I knew something had to be done.  Indoor cycling training software has become a valuable tool for many athletes and I just couldn't stomach a laptop sitting on top of a milk crate any longer.  It was time to act and Cave Competitor was the solution.